Terms of Service

Hello Social Club is a digital infrastructure, website and service that is accessed via the domain hellosocialclub.org or other domains that refer to it, but also other related (mobile) services and services provided by employees and partners.

You are permitted to use Hello Social Club if the following terms and conditions and the privacy policies are accepted. Hello Social Club reserves the right to refuse you access or to close off parts of the functionality of Hello Social Club if you do not act in accordance with the spirit and letter of these terms and conditions.

Hello Social Club is a product registered under the trade name of Channel.me BV
If a translated version of the Terms conflicts with or differs from the English version, the English version will prevail.
It is possible that these conditions will be expanded or changed in the future. Please check this page regularly and see the change log at the end.

1. An account on Hello Social Club
  1. You may only register an account for yourself with your real name or for an employee of your company with his or her real name and profile picture if he or she has given permission for this.
  2. You may only invite people to create an account and become a member if they are aware of this. If this person indicates that he objects to this, this right will lapse.
  3. Hello Social Club reserves the right to remove user names if they infringe on the rights (including trademark rights) of others.
2. Licenses
  1. Hello Social Club offers free licenses.
  2. Hello Social Club can change the details of these licenses at any time.
  3. Hello Social Club has the right to refuse a license application.
3. Using Hello Social Club

You may use Hello Social Club as long as:

  1. your behavior at Hello Social Club does not violate any law, regulation, bye-law or other applicable regulations.
  2. you do not distribute copyright-protected information via Hello Social Club.
  3. you are over 16 or have permission from your parents or guardian.
  4. you accept the privacy policies of Hello Social Club.
  5. you do not unexpectedly or improperly load or destabilize the system.
  6. you never try to log in with a different name and password than your own password.
  7. you do not interact with another person at Hello Social Club in a way that could be considered inappropriate, racist or sexist according to the law or regarded as such by Hello Social Club.
  8. you upload content that could be considered inappropriate, racist or sexist by law or considered as such by Hello Social Club.
4. Responsibility and Liability
  1. Hello Social Club provides an infrastructure to publish information and communicate with others.
  2. Hello Social Club is not responsible for the content of the information or the content of the communication.
  3. Hello Social Club is committed to providing a safe and reliable platform.
  4. Hello Social Club is in no way liable for direct or indirect damage caused by malfunctions, misuse by users or errors by employees or the system.
5. Posting and Sharing Information
  1. You may only enter, upload, post or share information via Hello Social Club if you are sure that you are the rightful owner of this information or have permission to use it.
  2. The rights of the entered information remain with the rightful owner. However, Hello Social Club is not liable if a third party uses the information entered without permission.
  3. When you post or share information, you give Hello Social Club the right to distribute this information worldwide within the environment you have indicated. This right ends when you delete the information unless someone else has shared the information and has not deleted it or automatic techniques have copied the information (e.g. by caching or backup).
  4. Deleted information is kept invisible or visible for technical reasons (eg backup or data integrity) or for monitoring reasons.
  5. Hello Social Club appreciates feedback and tips. Feedback from users helps us improve the system. However, feedback or external support will never be reimbursed unless there is a written agreement for this.
6. Other
  1. These terms and conditions and the privacy policies supersede any previous version.
  2. These conditions are transferable and applicable after changes to the structure of Hello Social Club, for example in the event of mergers, acquisitions or changes of name or purpose.
  3. These terms and conditions continue to apply, even if one or more articles have not previously been ratified or have not been ratified consistently.
  4. Hello Social Club reserves the right to close your account or parts of the functionality when this is necessary for the general functioning of the system.