With the Hello Social Club we offer possibilities to communicate with people. Key aspects of our systems are specifically designed to avoid common vulnerabilities in other systems.

1. Programming language


We use the highly secure and error-tolerant Erlang programming language. In this way we avoid common security holes that often appear in other systems. Erlang is specifically designed to implement fault-tolerant systems that don't stop.

Many of these design choices have a direct impact on safety. For example, co-running processes cannot share memory, so private information cannot be accidentally leaked. The security of Erlang/OTP is excellent. The Erlang/OTP environment has experienced only three CVE vulnerabilities in recent years, compared to over 30,000 for Sun JRE (Java).

2. Data storage

We prefer to store as minimum data as possible. Data that is not used for a long time is automatically deleted by Hello Social Club after a warning to the user.

3. Server hosting


  1. We use RAID 5 disks.
  2. Data is backed up daily to an off-site system.
  3. Our hosting provider is ISO 27001 certified.
  4. European customers use our server within the European Economic Area.
4. Secure Connections

If the connection with your friends is secured via SSL, the connection with the relations/clients is also secured via SSL.

5. Security roles

We use a security access manager based on ACLs and security policies.

6. Code Deployment

Our developers follow the OWASP (Open Web Application Security) guidelines.

7. Web based

No downloads or installations needed to get started, our solution runs entirely in the browser. We also have iOS and Android applications.

8. Session Cookies

We only use session cookies. The moment the browser stops, the cookie is forgotten.